Master Of Defense

Master Of Defense 3.0

In Master Of Defense we must defend our city from the attacks of evil creatures
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Voodoo Dimention

Master Of Defense 2.2 is a strategy game developed by Voodoo Dimention.
Master Of Defense 2.2 is a really interesting game in which we must defend our kingdom from the attacks of evil creatures. In this game we must build towers to kill the enemies that try to attack our city. This creatures will follow a defined path. If they are able to get to the city some of our peasants will be killed. The aim of the game is to be able to keep some people alive after the wave of attacks is over. To defend the town we must build towers near the path that leads to the city. There are different types of towers that will attack ground, flying creatures or both. We can also upgrade this towers to cause more damage to the enemy. To be able to build and upgrade towers we must spend gold, which is related to the amount of people we keep alive.
As the game goes by we must face different creatures, massive attacks and bosses.
This game features great 3D graphics an a great gameplay, which makes it a good choice for any casual gamer.
Master Of Defense 2.2 is a full featured time limited demo version. This demo version of the game will expire after 60 minutes playing. In we want to keep playing, we should buy the full version, available at the developer's page.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Great 3D graphics
  • Awesome gameplay


  • Very short demo, only 60 minutes of game
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